Vocational training of dentistry students regarding knowledge of oral rinses with antiseptic


  • Danilo Barral de Araújo UFBA
  • Elisângela de Jesus Campos UFBA
  • Gabriela Botelho Martins UFBA
  • Fabiana Paim Rosa UFBA
  • Max José Pimenta Lima UFBA
  • Maria Thereza Barral Araújo UFBA




Antissépticos Bucais.Cloreto de Cetilpiridínio. Clorexidina. Triclosan.Óleos Essenciais.


Objective: the indiscriminate use of mouthwash with antiseptic carries health risks because the active pharmacological ingredients and other components of these formulations are not innocuous. From this perspective, it is essential to add this knowledge to the vocational training curriculum for dental students. The objective of this study was to assess the level of knowledge acquired by dental students graduating in 2014 about mouthwash with antiseptic and to evaluate the university education in three public and three private institutions. Methodology: an investigative enforcement tool was used to collect information from graduating students in 2014 from six dentistry undergraduate institutions in the state of Bahia. Results: of the students in private institutions, 56% reported having studied the rinses during their program, while 67% of students in public institutions indicated that they had not. Respondents cited a range of course and disciplines that addressed the topic. Of the students surveyed, 53.1% from public institutions and 46.9% from private institutions reported that they use rinses on a daily basis and expressed a preference for Colgate (50.7%), Oral B (26.4%) and Listerine (16.4%). With regard to knowledge of the active ingredients, 81% students did not answer, despite having general knowledge of diluents. Conclusion: although mouthwash is often included in the course of study, the level of knowledge students achieved was not considered satisfactory, given the high percentage of blank answers regarding active ingredients and indications.


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Biografia do Autor

Danilo Barral de Araújo, UFBA

Professor Adjunto de Bioquímica Oral - ICS, UFBA

Elisângela de Jesus Campos, UFBA

Professora Adjunta de Histologia Morfofuncional - ICS, UFBA

Gabriela Botelho Martins, UFBA

Professora Adjunta de Histologia Morfofuncional - ICS, UFBA

Fabiana Paim Rosa, UFBA

Professora Adjunta de Patologia - ICS, UFBA

Max José Pimenta Lima, UFBA

Professor Assistente de Bioquímica - ICS, UFBA

Maria Thereza Barral Araújo, UFBA

Professora Associada de Bioquímica Oral - ICS, UFBA




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Araújo, D. B. de, Campos, E. de J., Martins, G. B., Rosa, F. P., Lima, M. J. P., & Araújo, M. T. B. (2016). Vocational training of dentistry students regarding knowledge of oral rinses with antiseptic. Revista De Ciências Médicas E Biológicas, 15(1), 5–14. https://doi.org/10.9771/cmbio.v15i1.16149

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