Socio-environmental Impact of Research


  • Andréa Cardoso Ventura Federal University of Bahia
  • Eduardo Paes Barreto Davel Federal University of Bahia


impact; research; socio-environmental issues.


Reflecting about the future of Earth and its inhabitants is essential to ensure a possible tomorrow. Therefore, socio-environmental impact shall become a universal and inevitable concern of researchers, educational institutions and scientific research regulatory agencies. Social and environmental impacts, in all senses, must be considered into any production of knowledge. Some questions help incorporate this conduct in academic research: How can research ensure effective socio-environmental impacts on society? What is the best way to conduct research so that it has positive social and environmental impacts from the beginning? How can research be fully dedicated to generating positive socio-environmental impacts in every step? We concluded that socio-environmental impacts must be considered just as much or even more important than those of socioeconomic and technological nature.


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Author Biographies

Andréa Cardoso Ventura, Federal University of Bahia

Postdoctoral researcher in management from the School of Management at Federal University of Bahia. Coordinator of the Governance for Sustainability and Low Carbon Management Research Group. Coordinator of the Urban Resilience of the Salvador Panel on Climate Change Thematic Chamber. Associate Editor of the Organizações & Sociedade Journal for the subject: Organizations, Environmental Management and Sustainability. Researches and publishes on climate change, social technologies and climate and urban resilience.



Eduardo Paes Barreto Davel, Federal University of Bahia

Ph.D. in management from École des Hautes Études Commerciales de Montréal (Canada), with a postdoctoral research in Management from Nova School of Business and Economics at Universidade Nova de Lisboa (Portugal). Professor at the School of Management at Federal University of Bahia, Brazil. Editor-in-chief of the Organizações & Sociedade Journal. Researches and publishes on cultural entrepreneurship, creative process management, teaching, methods, learning, culture, and aesthetics in organizations.





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