Can We Co-Construct a Field of Management / Administration Engaged with the Majority?



decolonial theory, critical realism, transmodernity, neoliberalism, colonialism.


Dynamics contrary to the life of the majority mobilized by neo-imperial neo-liberal capitalism evolving toward neo-fascist populism has become virtually invisible to the field of Management/Administration, which is driven by dynamics of appropriation-contention focused on alternatives and transmodern epistemes of the emerging South-East. We analyze this picture of radicalization of global coloniality within the context of counterrevolutionary neoliberalism facing dynamics of dewesternization and decoloniality from a South-North dialogue between Decolonial Theory/Option and Critical Realism. By proposing a critical/decolonial transmodern framework, we unveil dynamics of invisibilization/visibilization against the life of the majority, invisibilized by market sub-theorization and dominant discourse and by the liberal university and its business/management schools. In the end, we propose to recover the expanded relevance of “administration/management” engaged with the majority, through reappropriation dynamics based on de-subalternization of non-market and ‘de-celebration’ of free market.


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Author Biographies

Alexandre Faria, Getúlio Vargas Foundation

Alexandre Faria is Associate Professor at Getúlio Vargas Foundation / Brazilian School of Public and Business Administration, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, Brazil. PhD in Industrial and Business Studies at Warwick Business School, United Kingdom.



Márcio Moutinho Abdalla, Federal Fluminense University

Márcio Moutinho Abdalla is professor in the Postgraduate Program in Business Administration - Professional Master in Business Administration at Universidade Federal Fluminense, Volta Redonda - RJ, Brazil. PhD in Administration by Fundação Getúlio Vargas.



Ana Lúcia Malheiros Guedes, Getúlio Vargas Foundation

Ana Lucia Guedes is Academic Coordinator / Researcher of the Public Policy Analysis Directorate (DAPP) of Getúlio Vargas Foundation, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, Brazil. Ph.D. in International Relations by London School of Economics and Political Science - LSE.





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