Understanding the Practice of School Management through the Perspective of Sociomateriality

Elton Oliveira de Moura, Marcelo de Souza Bispo


The objective of this study was to analyze the practice of school management in light of sociomateriality in a public school of a capital in the northeast of Brazil. When studying school management from the perspective of sociomateriality, it is understood that this practice does not occur exclusively through the “hands” of the principal, but is a dynamic, situated phenomenon that develops different nuances through the interaction of various actors (human and non-human). A qualitative research method was employed, through shadowing and interview to the double. Data analysis relied on the framework prepared by Bispo (2015). Three fragments of practices that make up the texture of school management were identified: pedagogical practice, administrative support practice, and social interest practice. We found that the practice of school management does not happen in isolation, but is interconnected within the greater texture of sociomaterial practices.


school management; theories of practice; sociomateriality; education; organizational studies.

ISSN (Online) 1984-9230 - (Printed) 1413-585X - Qualis CAPES A2

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