Ethical Issues of Digital Transformation



ethics, digital transformation, fourth industrial revolution, research


Ethical issues are involved in the increasing use of emerging technologies by organizations. Several business forums and academic research have been exploring the relationship between ethics and digital transformation, as digital technologies are essential for the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution, which combine the use of technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, blockchain, and neuro and biotechnologies, to create numerous innovations in products, services, and business models. The issue is that these technologies advance at a much faster pace than human institutions, and clarifying how they can be applied to bring development for all, while preserving inalienable human rights, becomes necessary. Thus, in this editorial, we will address important aspects about the ethical issues of digital transformation and propose a series of issues for future studies. 


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Author Biography

Amarolinda Zanela Klein, University of the Vale do Rio dos Sinos

PhD in Administration by the University of São Paulo (USP). Full Professor at University of the Sinos River Valley (UNISINOS) School of Management and Business. Associate editor of Organizations & Society Journal. She researches and publishes on the use of Information Technologies (IT) for organizational competitiveness and innovation, and the consequences of this use, especially considering emerging technologies.




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