Clusters and Factors that Form the Dimensions of Local Development

Roseane Grossi Silva, Dante Pinheiro Martinelli


From the 1980s onwards, a more significant development occurred in places where industrial agglomerates were installed. Focusing on factors that form the dimensions of local development may reveal actions that help to define improvement strategies for the regions. This study shows how factors — by the relations/interactions between the actors participating in clusters — interfere in the local development, considering the environmental, cultural, economic, spatial, institutional, political, and social dimensions. We chose a qualitative study, multi cases and content analysis. We identified aspects of the scope of each dimension and revealed a universe of factors that interfere in the local development in the clusters. The main "catalysts" and potential disseminators of actions promoting development were the Cooperation and Collectivity factor and the institutional dimension.


clusters; local development; multidisciplinary analysis.

ISSN (Online) 1984-9230 - (Printed) 1413-585X - Qualis CAPES A2

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