Dental fear and anxiety among children and their caregivers


  • Marília Gerhardt de Oliveira Hospital Cristo Redentor
  • Roberta Alencastro Ávila PUCRS
  • Roberta Rossi Carvalho e Silva PUCRS
  • Fernando Vacilotto Gomes UFRGS
  • João Feliz Duarte de Moraes PUCRS
  • João Batista Blessmann Weber PUCRS



Dental Anxiety, Fear, Child, Questionnaires, Caregivers


Introduction: Dental treatment is an experience that elicits fear and anxiety in most people, and particularly in children. This fear is the first step to be overcome in the search for a satisfactory dentist-patient relationship. Aim: of this research was to assess fear and anxiety among children and their caregivers when faced with dental treatment and identify the main reasons behind these behaviors. Methodology: About 200 questionnaires consisting of nine multiple-choice questions and one open-ended question, to obtain additional information, were administered to male and female patients aged 4 to 13 years who were treated at a university pediatric dentistry clinic and to their respective caregivers. Results: show only one-third of children reported fear of the dentist. Pain, needles, and anesthesia were the main reasons behind their feelings of fear. Over 70% of interviewed children reported having experienced tooth pain at least once, which reinforces the importance of painful experiences as being associated with dental fear in a portion of these patients. Conclusion: that although dental fear was uncommon among caregivers, approximately one-third of children reported fear of the dentist, associated with perceived pain or needle phobia.


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Gerhardt de Oliveira, M., Ávila, R. A., Carvalho e Silva, R. R., Gomes, F. V., de Moraes, J. F. D., & Weber, J. B. B. (2015). Dental fear and anxiety among children and their caregivers. Revista De Ciências Médicas E Biológicas, 13(2), 137–141.

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